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Attention: This page represents a mere translation of our privacy policy in Italian, which shall be
considered authentic.

Your privacy is important to us.

Yes, we know that everyone says it, but for us it really is. You gave us confidence by using the services of Triestevillas and we appreciate it very much. This means that we will strive to protect and safeguard any personal data you provide to us. We act in the interest of our customers and with transparency regarding the processing of your personal data.
This document describes how we use and manage your personal information. We hope to do it in a clear and understandable way, so you don’t get bored in front of meaningless words. In addition, we will provide you with the contact details you need to contact us if you have questions about your personal information. We will be more than happy to answer you. Please also read the Cookie Policy, which explains how uses cookies and similar technologies.

If you already know us, you will know that Triestevillas offers an online travel booking service, provided through our sites and apps for mobile devices or via other online platforms such as partner sites and social media. Why do we specify it? Because the following information refers to all platforms, to which the same Privacy Policy applies.

This privacy statement is valid for any type of information we collect through these platforms or through other means connected to the platforms themselves (for example e-mails sent to our customer support team). We hope you won’t get too bored reading it all. If you are one of our business partners, make sure you also read the Privacy Policy for business partners, to find out how personal data is processed as part of the business collaboration.

We may occasionally need to change this Privacy Policy. If you want to stay up to date, visit this page every now and you will always know all the latest news. If the changes we make to the Privacy Policy have an impact on you (for example, if we intend to process your personal information for purposes other than those disclosed in the past in this Privacy Policy), you will be informed of these changes before the new activities begin.

A necessary note: if you do not agree with this Privacy Policy, you should stop using our services. If you agree, then you are ready to book the next trip with us!



We cannot help you to book the perfect trip if you do not provide us with information. For this reason, when you use our services, there is precise information that we must ask you, for example the name, contact details to contact you, any names of those traveling with you and payment details. You yourself can decide whether to send us special requests for your next trip (for example, certain preferences). In addition we also collect data from your computer, phone, tablet or other device you use to access our services. This includes the IP address, the browser you use and the language settings. We may also receive information about you through third parties or automatically collect others. This is a basic overview of the information we collect. If you do not find the answer to your questions in these lines, you can write to us at



We do this for a good reason: to help you manage your Travel Bookings online and to ensure the best possible service. We also use your personal information to contact you and to inform you about discounts and special offers and about other products and services that we believe may be of interest to you. All possible uses are described on this page.



Various services are connected to the services offered by, in various ways and for different reasons. The main purpose is to share the data relevant to your trip with the Travel Provider to complete the Travel Booking. Other parties may also receive some data as they are involved in the provision of services rendered by These include, for example, banking institutions, professionals who collaborate with us in various ways, cleaning and / or maintenance companies, subsidiary companies of the group to which we belong (Milou Sas di Davide Carlin, P.IVA 01235580329) and other affiliated companies of Triestevillas or, in some cases, if required by applicable law, public bodies or other authorities. We do not sell or sell your personal information. For various tasks related to the management of real estate, reservations and normal workflow implied by the activity we carry out, we must however share them with companies connected to us, such as – by way of example – the OTAs (Online Travel Agencies) such as and Airbnb, or with online service providers, in particular “Cloud computing ”Such as Google, Microsoft, Anawim and the many third-party applications and companies that we use to properly perform the work we do.


HOW DO WE MANAGE COMMUNICATIONS IF YOU SEND THEM FROM YOU AND FROM THE OTA you BOOKED FROM? can help you and the Travel Provider to exchange information and requests regarding their services or the Travel Bookings made.
We offer free apps through which we collect and manage personal data. The process is similar to what happens through our site, but in addition we also use location services.
The use of social media can be integrated into the services of in various ways, implying the collection of personal data on our part or the receipt of some personal data by the specific social media.
We rely on all the appropriate and adequate procedures to avoid unauthorized access to the data, as well as any improper use of the data processed by us.
Unless otherwise indicated, offers a service that can only be used by people over the age of 18. We handle information concerning minors only for the necessary (mandatory) public security communications “Communications to the Police Headquarters”, Statistical communications to the Region (ISTAT) and management of the tourist tax. These communications are mandatory, by law, for each guest, and the storage of data (encrypted on our management system) is functional and necessary for the management of these obligations.
You always have the right to review your personal information that we have collected. You can request an overview of your personal data by e-mail, by writing to us at
Milou Sas di Davide Carlin, based in Italy, Via Milano 5, controls the management of personal data collected through its sites and its apps for mobile devices.


Need more information? Here is a more detailed description of the data we collect.
Personal data you provide to us. collects and uses the information you provided to us. When you make your Travel Booking, we ask you for your name and e-mail address as basic data. Depending on your Travel Booking, we may also ask you for your home address, phone number, payment details, date of birth, the name of any other people traveling with you and preferences (for example preferences food and mobility restrictions) for your trip.
If you want to get in touch with our customer support team, or contact us by other means (for example on social media or communicating through us with the booked Travel Provider), we will also collect information via these channels. Guests may also be asked to write a review to help other travelers find the accommodation they are looking for. We will collect information from you in your reviews.
There may also be other cases in which you will need to provide us with information. For example, if you are browsing through your mobile device, you can decide whether to authorize to see your current location in order to receive the best possible experience and service (for example, to see our city guides, restaurants or the attractions closest to your location or other recommendations). You can also create a user account, which will allow you to save your personalized settings, upload photos, review past bookings or organize and manage future bookings or benefit from other features available only to account holders (such as incentives or other benefits we could offer.) Personal data you give us about other people.
It may happen that you do not simply make a Travel Reservation only for yourself, but also for other people who are traveling with you, or to make a Travel Reservation on behalf of another person. In these cases, during the booking process you will also need to provide data on them, for example when completing the Guest List, billing information or similar.
At this point, we want to specify that it is our responsibility to ensure that the people you have provided data are aware of this, and that they have understood and accepted the ways in which uses their information (ie as described in this Statement on privacy).
Personal data that we collect automatically.
If you complete a Travel Booking or not,when you visit our site or our apps we automatically collect some information. For example, your IP address, the date and time of access to our service, the hardware, software or browser you use and information about your computer’s operating system, application version and language settings . We also collect information about your clicks and the pages that have been shown to you.
If you use a mobile device, we collect data that identifies your device, the settings and features of the phone and system activities including the app crashes. When you make the Travel Booking, our system records the vehicle and the site through which you have made the booking or you have accessed the website or app.

Personal data we receive from other sources.

In addition to the information you provide directly, we may receive other data through various sources, such as business partners such as affiliates, OTAs including and Airbnb, the subsidiary companies of the group to which belongs and other companies Group affiliates and independent third parties, and all information we receive from these sources may be combined with information received directly from you. For example, booking services are available not only on and the apps, but are also integrated with affiliate partner services that you can find online. When you use these services, you provide your booking details to our business partners, who then send them to us. In addition, we rely on external providers to manage payments between users and the Travel Provider: these service providers share payment information, to help us manage them and take care of your Travel Booking, so as to guarantee you the best possible experience.
Another example is the communication services integrated in our platforms that allow you to get in touch with the Travel Provider you have booked for questions regarding your stay. When you use these features, in some cases we receive data on communication-related activities (for example where you called, who you are and the date and duration of the call). We may also receive other information to show you more relevant advertising content, such as additional cookie information made available to by social media partners. For more information, read the section “Why does collect and use your personal information?” When you link your account on to the one on a social media, personal data is shared with by the owner of the social media service, but only if you yourself have given your consent. You can always choose not to share this data.
The Travel Provider shares information about you with, for example when you have questions about a current Travel Booking, or in the event of disputes over a booking (even if we hope it never happens).


Information about you that we collect is used for various purposes. Here’s what your data is for: A. Travel Booking: first of all, we use your personal data to complete and manage your online Travel Booking, that is the main purpose of our company! This includes sending notices that refer to your Travel Booking, such as confirmations, changes and reminders.

B. Customer support: through our offices we provide international customer support in different languages, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Share your relevant data, such as booking data or user account information, with the our customer support allows us to be at your disposal when you need us, for example helping you find the right accommodation or answering any questions you may have about your Travel Booking or other topics.

C. Account: users can create a user account on our site or on the apps. We use the information you provide to manage your account, allowing you to have many useful features. You can manage your Travel Bookings, take advantage of special offers, make Travel Bookings easily and manage your personal settings. Choosing personal settings can allow you to manage and share lists, view previously searched travel services, share photos, check other travel-related information and view the reviews you’ve submitted. If you want, you can share some information of your user account by creating a public profile.