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Traditional rental? You are in the right place. Do you want a shorter rental including utilities? Clicca qui
Prices are always reasonable and thoughtful. They are never subject to negotiation.
We save time
Tell us all your needs: no detail is superfluous. Just an email to [email protected]
Before we visit the house in person, we will send you a 3d tour (like this one) to avoid misunderstanding.
For contracts from 12 months upwards: two months plus VAT. For lower contracts, assessment on a case-by-case basis.
We will ask you for the last 3 payslips or other useful references to best introduce you to the owner.
Security deposit
Equal to 3 months. In the absence of other guarantees, we can refer you to a replacement insurance.
Rent to buy
If you want to know more, several of the houses are also looking for a buyer: try before you buy!

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We receive by appointment only. Fill out the form or call 040 2473 628

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Via Torino 34, 34123 Trieste (TS)


(+39) 040 2473 628


Estimates: [email protected]
Sales: [email protected]
Owners: [email protected]

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